Clinical Aromatherapy


What is Aromatherapy?

An aesthetic healing art using Essential Oils from Aromatic Plants & Trees.

Aromatherapy makes use of odoriferous substances, called essential oils, which are obtained from flowers, plants and aromatic shrubs.

The healing potential of aromatherapy stems from its ability to promote relaxation, and at the same time, to engender a sense of joy or tranquillity in the recipient.

Aromatherapy is about the prevention of major illness, the symptomatic treatment of minor ailments and is also one of the best methods available for soothing the detrimental effects of stress


Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

  • Aids relaxation and helps as a way to relieve anxiety and tension
  • Eases pain for example; from aching muscles, whiplash, sciatica, and arthritis.
  • May help to relieve specific ailments following full course of treatment
  • Helps to improve circulation, lymphatic flow, and assists in lowering blood pressure
  • Eases digestive problems such as IBS and constipation
  • Increases energy and leads to a feeling of refreshment and soothing
  • Leads to enhanced confidence and morale with a feeling of being cared for
  • Allows time for the you to “get away from life” and all of its stresses


How often should I have a treatment?

The full effects of  aromatherapy build up over time, therefore it is recommended an initial course of at least 4-6 treatments over as many weeks followed by once a month/every 6 weeks to maintain the benefits you will experience. 

Initial Consultation - 90mins £40

Aromatherapy treatment - 60mins £40

Aromatherapy treatment - 90mins £60

Purchase a block booking of 6 treatments:

  1 x 60 minute treatment per week for £200 or  

  1 x 90 minute treatment per week for £300

 (Payment required in advance)