Clinical Reflexology

What is Reflexology?


There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet and hands which represent a micro-map of the whole body. 

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy developed from Ancient Eygpt, China and India. It uses thumb and finger pressure on the feet and/or hands to work specific points, known as ‘reflexes’ encouraging the body to balance and heal itself.

How does Reflexology work?


A mixture of massage techniques applied to the feet and/or hands allows the whole body to relax and become receptive to effective stimulation of the reflexes through thumb and finger pressure to ‘wake up’ your central nervous system. 

Reducing congestion in the reflexes clears the neural pathways to promote the release of hormones to create homeostasis leading to the relief of symptoms causing discomfort and pain in your body. 

Eunice Ingham, the founder of modern day Reflexology, asked ‘that you try it out’ to understand how reflexology works and gain the benefits! 

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

As an holistic treatment reflexology is deeply relaxing allowing your body systems to function effectively and also improves circulation, thereby encouraging the flow of blood to all the organs and extremities of the body and lowering blood pressure.

It is a drug free therapy, providing an opportunity for you to find balance in body, mind and spirit, allowing you to have some time for quiet self-care in a demanding world.  

How often should I have a treatment?

The full effects of reflexology build up over time, therefore it is recommended an initial course of at least 4-6 treatments over as many weeks followed by once a month/every 6 weeks to maintain the benefits you will experience. 

Initial Consultation - 90mins £40

Reflexology treatment - 60mins £40

Reflexology treatment - 90mins £60

Purchase a block booking of 6 treatments:

   1 x 60 minute treatment per week for £200 or  

   1 x 90 minute treatment per week for £300

  (Payment required in advance)